In a world of trends, carefully crafted images, and an ever evolving soundscape of music genres, DEVN is one of one. He transcends modern music with his unique blend of contemporary R&B, Pop Rap, and Trap Soul. With linguistic agility and flawless flow, DEVN maneuvers his voice over, under, around, and through the groove of sparse, bouncy, and masterfully clean production like a verbal fighter pilot. The result is an infectious blend of catchy hooks and melodies over head-nodding beats. While his sound might be a hodgepodge of auto-tune forefathers like T-Pain, melodic rappers like Juice WRLD, newer R&B luminaries like dvsn, and Pop icons like The Weeknd, DEVN's identity as an artist is largely inspired by the rawness and authenticity of '60s and ‘70s Soul music and early 2000s era Neo-Soul. 

Born Devin Christopher Mitchell, the singer/songwriter, rapper and producer grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Like many musicians of his ilk, DEVN’s affinity for music sprouted from his home roots-- his uncle was a singer/guitarist who performed cover songs at family reunions, and his grandmother put him in the church choir. DEVN’s curiosity and thirst for music led him to play with the piano at the back of the church after hours until he was formally taught basic chords. On his home street, St. Luke, a neighbor caught wind that DEVN enjoyed making music. The neighbor welcomed an eight year old DEVN to use his production equipment in his garage to make a beat and record it onto a CD. This was DEVN’s introduction to music production. Chasing the high from that first experience with little access to his own equipment at home, DEVN was forced to create a makeshift recording studio in his bedroom closet, complete with a Guitar Hero mic and  stuffed clothes for soundproofing. This was DEVN’s go-to method of recording until he was eventually able to save up enough money to buy a computer with music production software from a friend.  

While DEVN’s talent was undeniable early on, the mentorship of Hall of Fame Gospel singer and pastor John P Kee during his time at Charlotte's New Life Arts Middle School was probably one of the most impactful for his career as a recording artist. DEVN went on to attend Charlotte's prestigious Northwest School of The Arts for high school, which required most students to audition for entry. However, DEVN was able to bypass this process based on his proven talent and growing track record up to that point.

Now, with years of recording and life experience, DEVN is poised to make his long-awaited debut with his self-engineered St. Luke St. EP, due out summer of 2021. Named after the street in Charlotte, North Carolina on which DEVN grew up, the project is a culmination of love and romantic experiences during his formative years. While none of the song lyrics were actually written, DEVN has been journaling to record his feelings and life experiences over the years, which he relied heavily on for inspiration during the recording process for the EP (similar to the non-writing style of some of Hip-Hop’s greats like B.I.G. and Jay-Z).